Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Even More Gaba Training

Last week I had my last day of Gaba Build-up Certification. When you are first hired, you have three days of training, and then in the first six months, you have two other days.

The build-up training days are basically 9 hours of sitting and listening, doing some group work and writing things on paper. Some of it can be quite entertaining, if everyone's heart is in it.

But in the second day, there was a lot of repetition from the first, which was a bit dull. The morning was spent "recapping" the last time, but I didn't think that was necessary at all.

Just like last time, the day ended with a test, which wasn't very difficult. My score was 94%, again!

The day officially ends at 5pm, but if you hang around for the forum (listening to a presentation and asking questions at the end) until 7pm, you get paid Y7,000 (the training is unpaid). But on this day, the man who does the forums was out so we just filled in a survey about our experiences with the Gaba company, and got paid for that!

As before, it was a long day, but it was okay.

I will finish my work at Gaba at the end of June, and have all of July free before I go back to the UK in early August. That should give me enough time to travel and see Japan!


Titichu said...
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Miles said...

Hi Mai-lan!

Thank you so much for reading my blog, and for writing such a nice comment.

I'm glad you've enjoyed reading it, and I'll try to keep it up!

Good luck with your job-hunting.


Titichu said...

EDIT: Sorry I removed the post to withdraw the msn adress.
I'm posting it back.

"Hi Miles!
I have just finished a marathon reading of your blog. I must admit that I really enjoyed it !
I found it while looking for informations on Gaba and I couldn't help but read it from the start.
You've really done a great job describing the places you visited and the struggle to get a job in Japan.
(I also think Gaba owes you one for raising a little their reputation on the web, as so far, I only found negative comments about this company).
I am a big fan of Japan and went there for the first time when I was around your age. Since then I've been there several times but I am now thinking of trying to work there. It is quite a powerful country that really gets to you when you start to know it.

Enjoy the rest of your stay to the fullest!