Friday, May 21, 2010

First Month's Pay

Today I taught English as usual, which was a lot of fun. The girls are all really talkative and energetic, so they make the lessons go by really quickly.

And I got my first pay! It was only Y5,000 for the two lessons I taught in April, but it felt nice to be earning again! I haven't received money I've earned since summer last year working at Cadbury World! I was paid in cash, and the money was in a Japanese envelope, which felt very authentic.

I was shown where to go by a couple of my students, and then we went for lunch in the cafeteria afterwards.

And the nicest part of the day is the weather! It's the first 30C day, and the sky is a beautiful blue, with a cooling breeze. It's not humid yet, so this is perfect weather for me. I love Japanese May! But rainy season will be along soon, and then the comfort will disappear!

I'm going to take some work to the park and study in the sun with Katy now. Got to make the most of it!

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