Thursday, July 31, 2008

One Week Left

I can't believe it.

Time is really slipping away from me. I have no idea where the seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks are disappearing to. I'm trying to ignore it and concentrate on where I am now, but there's always that nagging countdown in the back of my mind.

I know that 7 days from now I'll be on the plane somewhere over Russia. I can't believe it.

This last week will be extremely busy, and I have loads to do. Lots of people are asking me to go to places with them, or meet up for a final drink, but I can't do it all!

I have to think about packing, and leaving Sakura House, and closing my bank account, and everything else.

Unfortunately, because I have so much to do, I don't have time to write up everything in my blog now. I will do the most important things as they happen, but when I get back to Britain I will finish writing about my friend's visit, and my trip around Japan, because there aren't enough hours in the day to do it now!

I am sorry about the unorganised look that will give my blog, but the posts will appear in the right order. If you have time, please look back at the blog as new posts slot into place. I will definitely fill in the blanks!

Where does seven months go?


Titichu said...

Wooow time really does fly. I can't believe you're already going back...I can still remember reading your blog for the first time and thinking...well he's one lucky boy.
Looking back, I think your 7 months have been pretty busy and thanks to the blog you'll keep a trace of it.
Though you're going home, I know you'll be back here in no time, so that's not a sad partiing with Japan, but more a short break abroad. :D Good luck with the final packing. Take care and keep in touch.
~( ^o^ )~

ChinaTee said...

Hi, Miles. Well, I've left commenting till you're almost on your way home!

I've been following your adventures intermittently over the last seven months by printing off whole months to read on my long commute home - I don't get much online time :-(

And what a read it's been! You've really brought it all to life with such detailed description, insightful commentary and beautiful pictures. I'm sure your first-hand advice will be enormous help to newer gaijins and your memoirs a big draw to future gaijins!

By the way, I admire your 'accidental dragging jumper' technique for starting conversations with complete strangers!

I can't believe that it's been seven months since we wished you 'bon voyage' on New Years Eve. You'll be back in the UK soon, but, as 'titichu' says, I'm sure it won't be too long before you're drawn back to beautiful Nihon にほん.

Congratulations on an excellent blog!

Safe journey and maybe catch up on your return.

Raziken Zero: Ronald "Rai" Copeland said...

I'm proud of you man.
It may not mean alot to someone thats annonymous like I am, to us that do not even know each other. So I guess the word isn't "proud", more like "Admire".

I admire you, Miles, for taking the steps I couldn't, writing this blog about them, and indirectly getting me started again.

Thank you so much.

xannn said...

Hey, you're experiences have really helped me to want to go Japan even more than ever for a gap year!

I went to Tokyo for a week in a 3 week holiday and I absolutely loved it, everything was so different to living in Britain.

I'll be relying on your blog to help me out when I eventually do go for a long stay in Japan :)

Good luck with whatever the future brings, but you know you just have to GO BACK TO JAPAN :D