Wednesday, August 6, 2008

All Ready To Go!

Well, I'm sitting down with all my bags around me. It's 3.30am and my flight is at 10.55am from Narita Airport.

I'm all checked out and ready to go.

Today has been so emotional, saying goodbye to my friends, to my room, to the life I've had for the last seven months.

I gave all my housemates presents and we went out for a lovely meal at a nearby restaurant. It was so fun, but I had a nagging sadness that kept telling me I was leaving in a few hours.

And now it's a mere four hours before I have to go to Tokyo City Air Terminal to catch the bus to the airport.

And in less than 24 hours I'll be back at home in Birmingham, England.

How strange.

How wonderful.

My next post will be from home, so wish me luck for the flight!

I can't believe it's over.


JumpingDragon said...

My name's Jess and well, to put it simply, I'm 18 and going to Japan in November on a WHV. I was wondering if you had MSN or something so I could ask you a LOT of questions. Sorry for any inconvenience this request may have. Pretty please with sugar on top? If you do have MSN you can add me at
Or we could just converse through normal emails. Thank you thank you thank you!


Jamie said...

Hope you have a safe and pleasant flight!

I bet as soon as you get here you'll want to go back - British 'culture' really has gone downhill!

Are you going to write a post looking back? about what you've learnt etc? I bet your japanese is ace now though!