Saturday, February 7, 2009

End of Exams

I had my last exam two weeks ago, which ended a fortnight of exams. I had four of them, and the first was the one I was most scared about - Japanese!

It was a two-hour exam and was comprised of a sentence completion section, Japanese-English translation, a reading comprehension, and an essay.

The hardest part for me was the reading comprehension, which we could answer in English, but it used complicated grammatical strucures and some vocabulary which I had never seen before. But the first two sections were the easiest because we knew what grammar would come up beforehand so we just had to learn what we had studied in Semester One.

My Japanese exam was different to the Basic Japanese Language exam because I'm in the Intermediate class. The students in Basic have to pass the January exam to go to a Japanese University in the second year, which made it much more stressful for them than for the students in the Intermediate group.

Overall, the exams went okay, and although I'm not expecting firsts or anything like that, I think I should have passed them all. It was very strange getting back into revision after nearly two years of break from exams, and I found it hard to write essays under exam conditions due to my lack of practice.

I should get the results for those exams within the next week or two. I keep going through phases of wanting to know and not wanting to know! I'll post about my results when I get them.

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