Friday, May 15, 2009

Final Exams

Oh the stress! My first exam of six is this Monday, and then there's one on Tuesday, before a 10 day break, and then the other four are all in a lump, but they're less important than Japanese and English, which I have to pass to go to Japan next year as they're core modules.

I had a piece of good news two days ago, which broke up the monotony of revision nicely. My University in Japan, the International Christian University, officially accepted my application and sent me a lot of information about what I'll be studying and where I can live etc. I have to fill in a few more forms and send them back in two weeks' time.

It's really exciting! I'll be back in Tokyo in just over three months! Providing I get the grades of course... Back to revision then!


Anonymous said...

When you get over here, we should get in touch. I'm an English girl at uni out here (chose to go here instead of England) studying Engineering initially, but I changed to Psychology this year. It would be great to compare notes on uni there/here.

Good luck in your exams!

atheistwithfaith said...

Miles-san! I don't know why but i was feeling particularly nostalgic about Tokyo tonight and thought i would check up your blog. Glad to hear you are doing well - and getting to go back to Tokyo - damn you! I expect you have extreme japanese skills by now - it will be interesting to read how you find Tokyo now you know so much more (even though you seemed to get along pretty well before). I am still planning to take another gap year after uni and get back over to Tokyo (i should of done a japanese degree and got to go there to study!).

This is Jim from Sakura House by the way :P

Miles said...

Thank you for your messages!

Kynapple, that sounds really good! It'd be interesting to get the different perspectives on different Unis.

Jim, I'm glad you still check my blog! I'm really looking forward to going back to Tokyo and visiting Sakura House again! Stepping off the plane there again will be amazing! Can't wait! :D