Monday, June 15, 2009

End of Year One

I'm at home in Birmingham now, after finishing my three weeks of exams in Leeds last week. I started at Cadbury World on Saturday, and intend to work there for the summer.

I'm going back to Leeds on Wednesday evening for a compulsory Study Abroad meeting at Uni on Thursday, where I might find out if I've passed Level One and can go to Japan. It is still "might" because I'm a Joint Honours student and while the Japanese half knows it has to mark the papers before the 18th, English is not under the same constraint. If I don't find out this week, I should do by early July.

I'm on holiday with my flatmates from Uni in Ibiza for 11 days starting next Saturday, so it'll be lovely to have a nice break from everything. And above all, I need some sun!

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