Sunday, June 21, 2009

Final Study Abroad Meeting

The Study Abroad meeting in Leeds last Thursday went really well - we were given lots of new information about the stay in Japan, and it helped settle a lot of things in my mind. I was voted 'group leader' for the people going to ICU, which means that I have to send monthly emails to the University of Leeds letting them know how everything is going, and updating them on the progress of our personal study.

A big thing happened there too. I found out that I passed Japanese! I was really happy, but I still have to wait until early July to find out if I've passed English, so I don't know if I can go to Japan or not!

One thing that worried me slightly is that we are meant to work through a textbook called 'Kanji in Context' for the Leeds exam while we are there, and should know around 1,200 kanji by the third year. That's a lot of kanji! But it'll be good to work through the textbook properly and get them settled in my head, and then start expanding my vocabulary through kanji compounds, which is apparently the best way to do it.

I'm off to Ibiza in six days, and then when I get back I should have my results! Fingers crossed!


Matt said...

woo 70 days to go!

Miles said...

Not long at all now! :D

Cody said...

I just found your blog as I was researching more into Gaba. I'm reading all of your posts concerning it now and it sounds intimidating! Thank you for providing the information, though, it has already been very enlightening.

Miles said...

It's not so intimidating once you're part of it and you know people personally, but when it's faceless it is a bit scary!
I'm glad the information has helped you!