Sunday, August 30, 2009

Return to Shinjuku

We went into Shinjuku (新宿) today to buy some textbooks we need for self-study. It was so amazing to go back there! I remember saying goodbye to it with my Thai housemate over a year ago really clearly!

Shinjuku is the centre of Tokyo, where all the government buildings are. The station is the busiest in the world, with over 60 exits, and 3 million people passing through each day. It's such an amazing place to walk around, there's such an exciting buzz.
From where I'm living now, it takes about 25 minutes by rapid (快速, kaisoku) train, which is about the same as from my previous house, just from the opposite direction.

We came out of the New South Exit, and wanted to find Kinokuniya bookstore (紀伊國屋書店) to get our books. I'd been to Shinjuku more times than the others, so they said they'd follow me. I wasn't sure, but I went with my instinct, and I found it straight away! I was really surprised I could remember where it was, as I'd only been there once to buy a book as a birthday present for a housemate two Aprils ago.

We got the books we needed, had a late lunch and then headed back in the early evening. Because it was a Sunday, it wasn't very busy and the train back wasn't at all crowded. I'm sure we'll be getting some crammed ones home from Shinjuku soon!

Here are some photos I took around the area. Sorry about the grey sky - it was umbrella weather as a typhoon is heading towards Tokyo. It's due to hit the coast and then move north tomorrow, so we're preparing for downpours!

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