Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Student Visa!

My visa arrived in the post about five minutes ago. My brother signed for it at the door, apparently the postman was about to leave, so I'm very glad I asked Dom to go and answer the door!

At first I thought they hadn't sent me my Certificate of Eligibility, but it turned out they had stapled it into my passport. The visa stamp looks exactly the same as my Working Holiday one, but it says "As College Student" under Category instead of "Working Holiday".

I'm a bit confused because the length of stay says 15 months, but the visa expiry date says 30th July 2010, which is a year after the issue date. Hmm... Plus I thought the visa was valid for 15 months after the date of entry into Japan. Well, last time they stamped my passport and stuck a sticker in it which had different dates to my visa on them, so maybe that will happen again. We'll see. But the important thing is - I got my visa!

Flights done, accommodation done, insurance done, visa done... Now it's just all the random things that need doing! I'm off to the bank today so that'll be something else ticked off the list.

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Fat Tony said...

That's right, when you enter Japan you'll get another sticker in your passport and they'll stamp the full-page visa as "USED".