Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Softbank Phone

On Sunday evening I met my friend Kyoko in Kichijoji to upgrade my 2G service phone to a 3G service, because Softbank are discontinuing the 2G service from the beginning of April.

We went into the shop and explained what we wanted (I was counting on Kyoko for translation, because the phone is in her name, as I was under 20 when I bought it in 2008). They showed us two prepaid (Pay-As-You-Go) models that we could get, one that Katy has (about Y4,500), which is a basic phone with a camera, email and of course the ability to call people! The other was more expensive (about Y7,000 excluding the charger) and could access the internet and TV along with other things. But I went for the cheaper one, because I knew I'd never watch TV on my phone.

They were able to keep my phone number, email address, and even my address book on the new phone, which I was very pleased about. And it came with Y6,000 credit already on it, and as I bought it for Y4,500ish, it was better than free!

I'm still figuring it all out, but it's much more stylish than my old one. Although I have noticed that it's slower, probably because of all of the graphics that the old one didn't have.

Hopefully it will serve me well!

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