Friday, April 23, 2010

My First Day At My New Job

I just got back from my first day teaching English at Tokyo Woman's Christian University. It was so much fun!

I taught two 90 minute lessons, which is now my usual Friday slot. In the first one I had four students turn up, and we spoke about the change of healthcare in America, and debated the good and bad points. It was a really fun lesson, and the students made the time fly by.

Then I had lunch in the cafeteria, and not only was I the only foreigner there, I was the only male! I got so many stares. Then on the way out of the cafeteria I found a poster advertising my lessons. It felt so weird, almost like celebrity!

Then in the second lesson five students came, and we discussed the students' plans for Golden Week, and then debated whether or not money equates to happiness, which is something I stole from my Japanese lessons at ICU. And at the end of the lesson one of the girls asked to have a photo taken with me! It was so strange... I didn't realise I'd be such a point of interest!

It was a really fun day, and I'm really looking forward to teaching more classes there.


Solarmoon said...

Gratz on the job :)

And good luck for your finals too~!

Because of you I am inspired to go to Japan for 6 months to a year on my own!

I hope you can help me out with a few questions later on when your not so busy :)

Miles said...

Oh I'm so glad! It's great that you want to come here! : )

My exam was yesterday so feel free to send questions if you want to! :)