Thursday, December 24, 2009

Term One Results

Back to ICU and normal Japanese life after my trip home! Going home has really helped me to appreciate the life I have here, as I know that home is still there, and most things are the same, but I can have all these fun, new and exciting adventures in Japan while I'm here.

On the first day back to ICU, which was a Thursday, I registered for my Winter Term courses - I took the next level of Japanese (Japanese 6) and an elective module in Psycholinguistics, which is taught by the same teacher as my Linguistics class last semester. I really enjoyed her lectures, and Psycholinguistics has turned out to be just as well taught, so I'm glad I chose it.

I also got my results for the Autumn Term. I got a B in Japanese, and an A in Linguistics. They didn't break everything down for Japanese, but I expected a B, judging from how I did in all the different assessments. Of course I would have loved an A, but that would be at least 90%! My Japanese is not that good!

I will try my best this semester to get an A, but I think another B would be okay!

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