Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tokyo Disney Sea

On Sunday I went to Tokyo Disney Sea with Rob and several other friends from Leeds. Some of the Japanese people came from Osaka and Fukuoka, and for one it was his first ever trip to Tokyo!

It was the last weekend before Christmas, and Disney Sea is very centred around couples, and as Christmas is a couple's holiday in Japan, it was very very crowded. One of our friends arrived before us, and she texted us saying that we might not be able to get in because there were so many people.

But we decided to try to go anyway. On the way, because it was such a beautifully clear day, we saw Mt Fuji from the train, which was very nice. (Sorry about the awful photo of it though.)

We arrived at Maihama station (舞浜駅) and met our friends, and then went to the monorail stop.

This is the monorail from the front gate to Disney Sea.

And they have Mickey hand holds!

We bought our tickets, and thankfully it wasn't so busy that they didn't let us in, but it was very crowded inside. Because I'm having quite bad money trouble, Rob offered to pay for my ticket, which was extremely kind of him. He's such a nice guy.
All of the Fast Track tickets had been sold already, and it was only 10:30am. So we had to wait for the whole time for every ride we went on. The average wait was about 2 hours, which wasn't too bad considering what it could be.

The first ride we went on was Tower of Terror, which was an experience, considering I hate the stomach-in-your-throat feeling, and it's a free-fall drop ride, but it was still fun.

And here are the Disney characters! There weren't as many as in Tokyo Disney Land, which I've now been to twice, once last year, and then again this year with Soul Run.

We had curry for lunch in the Aladdin-themed area, and then went on a mini-Sinbad ride.

After that, we queued for just under two hours for the Indiana Jones ride, which was very fun.

When we came out of Indiana Jones it was getting dark. When the queues are so long you don't get to go on so many rides!

We went to 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth', which is built inside this man-made volcano. It's so cleverly designed! And when it gets dark, the volcano smokes and ocassionally erupts!

After that ride, it was nearly closing time so we went on one last one, which was Storm Rider, a very good simulator that flies you into the eye of a hurricane. It was very well done.
After that we met up with the others and headed for the main gate.

We left at closing time (10pm) and headed for home. It was a very nice day. I'm so grateful to Rob for paying for my ticket. I need to find someway to repay him!

I think overall I like Tokyo Disney Land more, but if I was going on a date, I'd choose Disney Sea, because it's a very romantic place, with lots of nice areas. But both are great fun to visit - if you're in Tokyo for a while, and can afford the Y5,800, then I recommend them!

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