Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Snow of Winter

It snowed this morning! It was about 11.30am, and I was in the second half of my Japanese lesson. It had been raining for most of the morning, typical as I have my Gaba interview this evening and it hasn't rained for almost a month! I love Winter in Tokyo, because it's blue sky virtually every day. Even Kyushu (the southernmost main island) has seen heavy snowfall this year!

The rain turned to sleet, and then eventually became proper snow! It was so pretty to see it. One girl from Hawaii in my class had never seen snow falling from the sky, so she was really happy to see it. The lesson basically stopped and most of the class gathered around the window to watch it. It wasn't settling because it wasn't cold enough, but it was nice to see. Unfortunately, it turned back to rain before the lesson ended so we didn't get to go out in it. Ahh well, it will snow again before Spring!

The bad thing about the dry Winter in Tokyo is how extremely dry it gets. I got a rash on my legs last time I lived here, and this time I have sore skin on both my hands. Japan is so extreme! Tokyo's Summer is so hot and sticky, and then the Winter is crazily dry!

I was happy to see snow, but my family and friends at home in Britain are pretty fed up of it now. Britain is the middle of a really cold snap. Apparently it's the coldest winter since the 1960s. I'm not sure whether I'm missing out, or if I've escaped it! But I heard that a part of Northern Scotland was colder than Antarctica last week, at -22C, so maybe I did escape.

Here's a photo taken from space of white Britain.

I'm about to leave for my Gaba interview now. Wish me luck!

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