Thursday, January 7, 2010

Japanese Bank Account (Again)

The other day I opened a Japanese bank account because I'm jobhunting and I knew there was a possibility I'll get the JASSO Scholarship for three months.

I went back to the bank I had an account with in 2008, Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ. And it was much easier this time!

I still had a bit of difficulty understanding everything, but I had an inkan stamp (印鑑) and I was over 20, so there was no problem there.

They didn't want to give me an account when they realised that I hadn't got a job yet, but I told them that I'd be getting a scholarship so needed an account for that. (I didn't mention that there was only a possibility I'd get it!)

In under an hour, everything was sorted, which was much much quicker than the three hours it took with my limited Japanese two years ago!

I even got Disney characters on my bank book (通帳, tsuuchou) and cash card (キャッシュカード, kyasshu kaado), instead of the boring red ones. They gave me the choice, and of course there was no contest!

So, now I'm all ready for the scholarship and job money. Fingers crossed!

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