Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I've officially finished ICU now! Even though my final exam for Japanese was on Friday, I still had one essay to do for my Writing Ethnography (民族誌作成, Minzokushi Sakusei) elective class. I went into ICU for the day yesterday and finished that off.

And now, except for going in for my results on the 28th, I don't have any reason to go back to campus. Which is really sad! I definitely will be going back though, hopefully several times before I leave in two and a half weeks.

Even though sometimes I really didn't fancy going in for lessons, and the workload was definitely a big stress, overall my experience at ICU was a great one, and I'm really going to miss my friends and the teachers here.

But, if coming back to Japan after a year has taught me anything, it's that things don't change much, and ICU will still be there for me to visit when I'm in Japan next time. And there's no doubt that there will be a next time, it just depends on money as to when I can manage to come back!

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