Saturday, September 12, 2009

Autumn Is On Its Way

As much as I enjoy sweating under the sun here, I'm quite glad that the temperature is finally dropping after the heat of the Japanese summer.

When I arrived just over two weeks ago, in late August, the temperature was hovering around 30C, and the highest it went was about 33C, which would be fine if it wasn't for the humidity! But gradually the air has become cooler and fresher. It's noticeably less humid now it's almost halfway through September. It still has it's moments, but overall it's really comfortable now. The night time is getting quieter now too, as the cicadas retreat underground. Can't say I'll miss them that much really.

There were several days of gorgeous weather just gone. It was about 28C and sunny, with beautiful clear blue skies, and that was perfect for me. It's raining today, not due to a typhoon this time, and it's much cooler because of the rain. I think it's about 24C, which is what it was in the middle of the night when I arrived!

Tomorrow looks like it'll be the last "hot" day of the year, with the temperature hitting 29C in the afternoon, and then it'll steadily drop to a comfortable 24C for the rest of the week, but still sunny.

I love how Japan's weather works. It seems to follow a system, like most things here! When it rains, it's cooler but more humid, and when it's sunny it's hotter and less humid. And the temperature either stays constant, except in the case of rain, or drops/ rises by a degree or two each day. Britain's weather seems to mix it all up to spite us.

I like the Autumn season, so I'm really looking forward to when the leaves start to turn. I must do something special at the height of the golds and reds. I'll have to find out if there's anywhere particularly beautiful at this time of year. I know Nikko had a light festival in October or November last year, so I might try to find out if they'll do that again.

It might be because of the weather, but I'm really really happy to be back in Japan. It's such a nice place to live. Maybe this is just the honeymoon period, but, in the spirit of living in the moment, I'm loving it!


Georgie said...

Nikkou is such a gorgeous place :D I loved it so much, even without the light festival :)

Georgie xxx

Miles said...

Oh it is, isn't it!! Even if I can't make the lights, I really want to go sometime during the autumn!

Hope you're enjoying yourself over there : ) xxx