Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Soul Run

Rob, Katy and I joined a club (サークル, saakuru) at ICU this afternoon. It's called Soul Run, or in Japanese, 魂走, which is a traditional Japanese fisherman's dance. It sounds very strange, but it looks really cool, and we found out today that it's loads of fun! It's a really good workout, especially for your legs (mine are kind of aching now!)

I really wanted to join a club where I could do something I couldn't do in Britain, and meet new Japanese people. And there's lots of Japanese students who do it! They all seem really nice. In terms of foreigners, there are only two Americans, so for once we Brits are the majority!

We'll probably meet up twice or three times a week, because there's a big performance at the end of October during the ICU festival, and we'll perform the dance then. After that, apparently the club just does fun things like meet up and exchange languages, and go to Disney Land and things like that - sounds good!

You can see the video of the performance they did last year at the ICU festival on YouTube.

Hopefully I'll be able to post a video here of us doing it in a few weeks!

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