Saturday, September 26, 2009


After the three weeks of living in this guesthouse, I have noticed that it's quite a haven for bugs and insects of all descriptions.

My room has been okay and hasn't been invaded at all, but Katy and Wynne's rooms on the second floor (first floor for Britain) have been attacked a couple of times. The kitchen is the worst though. It's not very pleasant when you're cooking to see a small beetle or cockroach in the corner. Or, in last night's case - a giant grasshopper on the extractor fan!

But through the night the management have fumigated the kitchen and lounge area, so they were closed from 9pm til 9am this morning. It makes me feel a lot better!

Generally, Japan's insects are big and crazy looking. It's no surprise that Pokemon came from this country when they have jumping spiders, thrashing worms, huge preying mantises and cicadas, and colourful beetles that fly at you like warplanes. It's so different from Britain, and it's quite interesting to see them, but the novelty wears off after a little while, so I'm not sad to see them start to disappear now that autumn is underway!

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